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Red Hat Enterprise Linux
The new version of Red Hat is out with improvements to the installation, interface, applications and tools. More

Looking for an alternate to IE ... try Firefox or Safari they are no doubt two outstanding Web Browsers. These latest and greatest browsers offer tab browsing and a hole lot more. Note that version 9 of the Netscape browser is end-of-life. A great email reader is Thunderbird it supports both IMAP & POP servers at the same time and includes spam filtering. More

Mac OS
The Mac has lots of cool applications, new features and even free downloads. Although Windows7 is impressive, there's nothing like a Mac ;). More

Open Source Software
There are many great places to download free stuff ... one such place is SourceForge.net, they are the world's largest open source software development web site providing free services that help people build cool stuff and share it with a global audience.More